Welcome to SAFE AND SOUND and welcome to our new blog!  We are VERY excited about this new addition to our site and hope it will help us connect more directly to you and your school community and learn the questions, concerns, successes and challenges you face in improving school safety and security in your community.

After the tragic loss of our children and educators at Sandy Hook, we became passionate about school safety.  Our mission became to help schools across the country know what they can do NOW to make a difference in the safety their schools.  As parents, we often assume that the schools we send our children to are safe.  We see almost daily how dangerous this assumption can be.  Many of our nation’s schools lack the practical guidance, education and support necessary to ensure the safety of students and staff. Unless we step up and help, our children and teachers will continue to be easy targets for violence and tragedy at school.

We have realized that we are not alone in our commitment to make change.  We have received hundreds and hundreds of emails from  parents, custodians, police officers, delivery truck drivers, cafeteria staff and teachers all over the country wanting to make a change in their community.  Many cite the same problem…. where to start?  That is the reason for Safe and Sound.    We have created this site for one reason, to connect parents faculty, staff and community members  to the information and resources necessary  to begin improving school safety NOW.

We have created toolkits, each filled with MANY  tools, resources and guidance  you will need to help you along the way.  Please, spend some time on our site, look through our material, it is for you and it is free.  We want you to use it and SHARE  your feedback WITH us.  We want to help you and we need to know your questions and comments on our site.

Please also consider making a donation to our organization so that we may continue our work, spread our message and continue to provide free materials to you.  Thank you for visiting our site and working to improve safety and security of your school.  Please send your questions or comments to info@safeandsoundschools.org!


Alissa Parker and Michele Gay
Founders of Safe and Sound