Status Solutions Joins Forces with Safe and Sound Schools to Increase Awareness of Safety and Security within Schools

Status solutions sponsors Safe and Sound Schools initiative 

Status Solutions announced today that they’re a proud sponsor of Safe and Sound Schools. Status Solutions will work closely with Safe and Sounds Schools and co-founder Michele Gay to protect students, educators, and the community by increasing public awareness of safety and security concerns, thus advocating for safer schools.

Safe and Sounds Schools was initiated by Sandy Hook parents, educators, and community members – all of whom are inspired by the children and educators whose lives were tragically taken on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Since its founding, the organization has grown to a national network of school communities and safety experts and professionals.

Safe and Sound Schools is a Sandy Hook initiative for safer schools founded in Newtown, Connecticut by a mother and former teacher, Michele Gay along with another Sandy Hook mother, Alissa Parker. This initiative takes a grassroots approach to empower communities to improve school safety and security through discussion, collaboration, planning and sharing of information, tools, and resources.

“At Safe and Sound Schools, we are thrilled to be working with a company that can not only help in our efforts but share in our passion. As parents, we have a natural will to protect our children, teachers and community from the unsettling world we live in. Status Solutions has provided a way for us to advance our mission and reach even more communities with our message and free resources.” says Michele Gay, founder of Safe and Sound Schools.

“Status Solutions recognizes the need to cultivate relationships with those who desire the same outcome. The foundation of this company is to help people, the best way to do that is by understanding who they are and what they need. Our sponsorship with Safe and Sound Schools educates Status Solutions with an honest perspective, allowing us to see the full picture. This relationship is the beginning of an empowerment initiative, uniting our communities to achieve one common goal—safer schools.” explains president of Status Solutions, Mike MacLeod.

Both Status Solutions and Safe and Sounds School are attending the Campus Safety East Conference on July 25th and 26th. This conference is “for administrators and public safety officials, security and law enforcement executives from all over the country looking for solutions to campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.” according to the Campus Safety East Conference website. The conference demonstrates new safety and security approaches and tactics from leading industry experts to reduce risk and improve response. Additionally, Status Solutions is excited to utilize these two days to strategize with Safe and Sounds Schools for the upcoming years of advocacy and public awareness for safer schools.