Back to School, Back to Safety

They are starting… those adorable “first day of school” photos shared via social media. Although it seems like we were just kicking it off, the days of summer have just about flown by across the country. Whether your school has already started or is set to start soon, it’s safe to say that the “Back to School Season” is underway.

But “Back to School” means something more than just binders and backpacks to the Safe and Sound Schools team and community across the country. We’re all focused on making sure the start of the school year is safe.

Administrators, educators, mental health workers, SRO’s, and school staff have spent the summer preparing for a safe school year at conferences, trainings, and planning meetings. Background checks, interviews and screenings have been conducted for new hires. Building updates and improvements have been completed and staff development and trainings have been conducted.

Teachers have been planning and preparing for a welcoming, inclusive learning environment and a safe school experience for incoming students. Local law enforcement, emergency management, and fire safety professionals have been training in and inspecting school buildings. School nurses, nutritionists, and cafeteria staff have been busy stocking shelves and planning for the special needs of students; and transportation personnel have planned routes, stops, and emergency plans for another year.

So as you “like” and “share” those adorable #FDOS photos, we hope you are also appreciating the behind-the-scenes work that helps foster a safer school community!

Good luck to parents and students ticking off the Back to School shopping list and settling back into the new routine. The start of the school year is a busy time for families and school communities everywhere. As another new year begins, remember to take note of the many school safety measures and practices in place around you and give thanks to some of the hard working folks behind them!