Coast to Coast with the Campus Safety Conference

Co-founder Michele Gay and President of the National Association of School Resource Officers, Don Bridges at the Campus Safety East Conference in 2016.

Traveling and speaking for Safe and Sound Schools is equal parts exciting and exhausting. It’s an honor to meet with the most dedicated professionals and community members serving our schools, and it’s a thrill to be a part of the great work being accomplished across our country.

The month of July will take our team coast to coast and in between once again as we kick it off and close it with the Campus Safety East and West Conferences. In preparation for a busy summer of speaking and training, Campus Safety Magazine invited me to write about my story and our mission at Safe and Sound Schools. As we are all packing bags and hitting the road after The Fourth, it seemed like a good time to share this piece with our community.

I hope you enjoyed a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Michele Gay
Co-Founder of Safe and Sound Schools