Safe and Sound Schools is proud to offer a team of speakers covering a wide range of school safety topics. Our team of school safety experts combine deep practical knowledge with engaging delivery to inspire and educate your school community.

Learn more about each speaker below.

John Baker

John is the Chief of Police for the Lancaster Lebanon IU13 Police Department and the Safety and Security Director for the IU13. Additionally, John is a safety and security consultant and published author. His presentations include frontline training and situational awareness.

Stephen Brock

Dr. Brock is a Professor and School Psychology Program Coordinator in the College of Education at California State University, Sacramento. He specializes in functional behavior assessment, school crisis intervention and response, suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention, violence prevention, and threat assessment and management.

Frank DeAngelis

Frank is the retired principal of Columbine High School and a national-level speaker focusing on recovering after a school-based tragedy. His presentations include lessons learned from Columbine and beyond and a presentation focused on student involvement.

Scott Ervin

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Ervin Educational Consulting LLC. He works as a behavioral consultant specializing in extremely difficult, at-risk, disturbed, abused, and neglected kids. He draws from his experience to lead workshops focusing on classroom management.

Michele Gay

Michele is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Safe and Sound Schools, mother of Josephine Gay, and a former teacher. Michele uses her story to teach topics like community engagement, response and recovery, and developmentally appropriate safety education.

Lisa Hamp

Lisa is a survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting, a school safety advocate, and national level speaker focusing on recovery after a school-based shooting. Lisa uses her story to advocate for school safety and community engagement.

CJ Huff

Dr. CJ Huff is an educator, child advocate, retired superintendent of Joplin Schools, and subject matter for the U.S. Department of Education. His presentations focus on community engagement, and crisis and recovery.

Jin Kim

Mr. Kim is an FBI veteran SME specializing in active shooter, targeted violence attacks, and workplace violence and resiliency. Mr. Kim’s presentations include active shooter survival strategies and active safety in schools and beyond.

Scarlett Lewis

Scarlett is the Founder of Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement and mother of Jesse Lewis. Scarlett is an advocate for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that teaches children how to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have healthy relationships. Her presentations focus on SEL, Choosing Love, and cultivating a healthy workplace environment.

Steffanie Lorig

Steffanie is the founder of Art with Heart, a non-profit organization focusing on overcoming trauma through creative expression. Steffanie combines her talent in the expressive arts to teach participants how to use creativity to release difficult emotions, develop self-awareness, and bring attention to inner resources of strength, despite difficult life events.

John McDonald

John is the Executive Director of Security and Emergency Management for Jeffco Public Schools. He specializes in active shooter preparedness and emergency plan development.

Amanda Nickerson

Amanda is the Professor and director of the Alberti Center for Bullying Prevention at the University at Buffalo. Her area of expertise is school violence and bullying. Her workshops focus on crisis prevention, intervention, and recovery, as well as bullying prevention and intervention.

Alissa Parker

Alissa is the Co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools, best-selling author of An Unseen Angel: A Mother’s Story of Faith, Hope, and Healing after Sandy Hook, and mother of Emilie Parker. In her presentations, Alissa shares her story, highlighting the importance of community engagement and rethinking school safety.

Scott Poland

Dr. Poland is a licensed psychologist and professor at the College of Psychology and Co-Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He specializes in youth suicide, bullying, school violence, and threat assessment. Some of his presentations include bullying and suicide prevention and resiliency, and school safety best practices.

Melissa Reeves

Dr. Reeves is the Past president of the National Association of School Psychologist, special education teacher, counselor, and author specializing in crisis prevention and intervention, reunification and recovery, threat assessment and trauma. Her presentations focus on topics like mental health, reunification, and threat assessment.

Todd Savage

Dr. Savage is a Professor of School Psychology at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, specializing in LGBTQ+ matters, culturally-responsive practice, school safety and crisis prevention, preparedness, and intervention. Dr. Savage’s presentations include understanding and supporting transgender and gender-diverse youth, and comprehensive school safety.

Paul Timm

Paul is the Vice President of Facility Engineering Associates, a board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), author of School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program, and a nationally acclaimed expert in physical security.

Carin Winter

Carin is the Founder and CEO of Mission Be, Mindful Education. A former school social worker for over a decade, Carin has experience working with youth in schools, foster care, and the juvenile justice system. Carin is a gifted speaker, mindfulness leader and visionary. Her workshops include mindful education training for both educators and parents.

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