Happy New Year!

As the Safe and Sound team reflects on 2018 and looks forward to 2019, we’d like to express sincere gratitude to our supporters and partners. We are thankful for all the support we received this year, the donations and fundraisers, the new folks we’ve met and the familiar faces we reconnected with. School safety takes all hands, hearts, and minds, so we are grateful for our growing community and the awareness that our supporters, peers, and partners have worked so hard to raise alongside our organization.


2018 was our busiest year yet, with the doubling of our national team, even more schools using our free programs and resources, and twice the travels nationwide. With our eyes already on 2019, we’re proud to share the projects our team has been working on throughout 2018 to ring in a new year of safe and sound schools.


  • New Year, New Sound. Kick off 2019 with Safe and Sound Schools at Kellogg’s in New York City. Join us on January 4th for snacks, swag and selfie fun! This event is perfect for families, so bring your kids! Connect with co-founder Michele Gay, meet celebrity guest Jeremy Ray Taylor, and enjoy a musical performance by Chasing da Vinci. Sound off with a resolution for how you will make your schools safer in 2019, and follow along on social media with the hashtag #IChooseTo.


  • Parents for Safe Schools. We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our resources for parents. We’ve already created the Parents for Safe Schools program based on our quick and simple ideas for how parents can get involved in school safety. We’ll release the comprehensive program soon, along with more resources to help parents bridge the gap between themselves and the school or themselves and their children. We look forward to supporting more conversations and more parent involvement for safe and sound schools everywhere!


  • National Summit on School Safety. Join us March 28-30 for an intensive and interactive two-day summit in Houston, Texas. This event will bring together Educators; Administrators; Safety Professionals; Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals; Solution Providers; Community Members and Leaders, and span all areas of Safe and Sound’s Framework for Comprehensive School Safety: Mental and Behavioral Health; Health & Wellness; Physical Environment; Culture, Climate & Community; School Law, Policy & Finance; and Operations & Emergency Management. Register before January 15 to take advantage of early-bird tickets.


There’s much more to come, so be sure to follow us on social media for updates and announcements.


Wishing you a safe and happy new year!

Safe and Sound Schools