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The Sound Off Season 3: A Glimpse into the Heart of School Safety

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to skim the headlines and move on. But some stories and voices deserve to be heard in full. The true power of a community is unveiled when its leaders and members unite to share, reflect, and act. This season of “The Sound Off” delves into honest, heartfelt conversations with leaders, educators, and community members who are on the front lines working to build safer schools for everyone.

Imagine a world where every child can walk into a school without fear and teachers focus solely on nurturing young minds, not worrying about potential threats. The people we’ve spoken to this season are making that dream a reality, one story, and one initiative at a time. Through their eyes, we learn the importance of resilience, connection, and timely intervention. Their tales aren’t just stories—they’re blueprints for change.

Thank you to the Door Security & Safety Foundation for sponsoring Season 3 of The Sound Off on School Safety podcast. Here’s a preview of the upcoming episodes that promise to educate, move, and inspire:

October 26: Frank DeAngelis – Retired principal of Columbine High School

Frank shares his leadership journey after the Columbine tragedy, highlighting the importance of strong cross-generational relationships for a safer future.

November 2: Molly Hudgens – School Counselor, Author of “Saving Sycamore”

Molly talks about her role as a school counselor, explaining how truly connecting with students can make a difference in their lives.

November 9: Drs. Frank Straub, PhD and Alyse Ley, DO – Prevent 2 Protect Initiative

Drs. Straub and Ley discuss their proactive work with at-risk youth, showing how early help can make communities safer.

November 16: Missy Dodds – Teacher, Survivor Red Lake High School Shooting

Missy opens up about her experience during the Red Lake High School shooting and her path to healing, reminding us of the power of hope and community.

November 21: Sergeant AJ DeAndrea & Madelena DeAndrea

Father and daughter AJ and Madalena share their personal stories of courage under fire, exploring a legacy of bravery, empowerment, and public service.

November 30: Paul Timm – Physical Safety Expert

Paul breaks down the basics of school safety, sharing practical tips to ensure students and staff are safe and sound at school.

December 7: Dr. CJ Huff – Former Superintendent Joplin, MO Schools

Dr. Huff recounts the challenges and triumphs of leading a school district after the Joplin tornado, emphasizing the role of community and leadership.

December 14: Alissa Parker – Safe and Sound Schools Co-founder

On Sandy Hook Remembrance Day, Alissa and Michele discuss their mission to create safer schools and their journey so far.

So, are you ready to listen, dive deep, and take action? Let’s not just hear these stories—let’s use them as catalysts for change in our schools and communities. Tune in to “The Sound Off” this season; together, we can turn these powerful insights into a movement for safer schools.