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Educators Thrive in the Classroom

By Scarlett Lewis Scarlett Lewis, Sandy Hook mother and Founder of Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™, will speak at this year’s National Summit on School Safety, October 26-28. Scarlett will join a lineup of over 30 school safety leaders and change-makers to share her life’s mission, and how the power of social and emotional learning (SEL) can change and save lives. […]

In The News: Teachers union president signals personal support for vaccine mandates

The second largest teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), is considering a vaccine mandate for teachers in schools. AFT leadership originally said that vaccinations should be voluntary, but that “circumstances have [now] changed.” Read on for more about a potential policy change for teachers on the way. Randi Weingarten, president of the American […]

n The News: Kids Are Going Back to School. How Do We Keep Them Safe?

Is it safe to send kids back to school with the Delta variant? While schools have not been major super spreaders of the virus, public health guidelines vary depending on COVID cases in each state. Read on for answers to the most common questions related to Fall 2021 and the current state of the pandemic. […]

In The News: Supply-Chain Woes Come to School Cafeterias

The pandemic pushed child hunger to record levels- even in the wealthiest areas of the US. Now, there is a growing concern that cafeterias will be hit hard by supply chain issues, labor shortages, and other challenges as schools welcome students back this Fall. Read on for more. Schools are struggling to secure food for […]

State of School Safety Report Reveals 30% Gap between Parents and Administrators on Perception of School Safety

Survey conducted by Safe and Sound Schools and Raptor Technologies shows only 65% of parents believe schools are proactively improving safety awareness versus 95% of School Administrators NEWTOWN, CT – July 13, 2021 – A report developed by Safe and Sound Schools and Raptor Technologies, based on a nationwide survey of school district administrators, public safety […]

In The News: What the Delta variant means for unvaccinated kids

As the Delta variant brings rising concern around COVID-19, communities are focusing on how the strain will impact reopening efforts for schools.  Should you be worried about the variant?  How quickly could the virus spread among kids who aren’t yet eligible to be vaccinated? Read on for answers to the biggest questions about the Delta […]

In The News: How the US lets hot school days sabotage learning

You’ve heard of the digital divide during the pandemic. Now that schools are finally reopening for Summer school programs, there’s another problem plaguing the millions of students trying to learn – the heat. Read on for more. Human bodies react swiftly when they overheat. Blood rushes to the skin, trying to find cool air. Sweat seeps […]

In The News: More children than ever could be in classrooms for summer school, making up for lost time during pandemic

Before the pandemic, about 3.3 million students attended mandatory or optional summer school programs in 2019. This year is expected to far exceed that number, with reopenings underway, school districts drawing on federal aid, and families looking to make up for lost learning. Read on for more. With her three teenagers vaccinated against COVID-19, Aja […]