“DENVER — School resource officers from across the country have gathered in Denver for the 2022 NASRO National School Safety Conference to train on the best ways to keep our students safe.

The week-long conference culminated in a service at the Columbine Memorial Thursday evening to reflect on their collective mission — to prevent similar tragedies in the future.” Read more: ABC 7, Denver

In the next 7 minutes, a child in the U.S. will be bullied. It may be the son or daughter of someone you know. It may even be your own child. Meanwhile, only four in 100 adults will intervene. Read more: WalletHub

Marshall said her classmate Christian Riley Garcia, 15, saved her life. The students and her substitute teacher, Ann Perkins, tried to break out the back door. When it failed, they rushed into different closets.

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A Texas police officer who engaged in a gunfight with a school shooter and urged colleagues to help wounded students even as he suffered massive blood loss is being hailed as a hero.

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School shootings like the one that took place in Santa Fe, Texas, on May 18 are often followed by calls for enhanced security measures. But Santa Fe High School already had many of these security measures in place…As the nation searches for ways to prevent school violence, the focus must be as much on school climate and culture as it is on school security.

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As students at high school in Santa Fe, Texas, were beginning their first classes of the day on Friday, a familiar scene unfolded: A young man entered the campus, opened fire on his classmates and killed 10 people.

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An Illinois school resource officer is being praised as a hero for intervening when a former student opened fire Wednesday morning at Dixon High School.

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The annual report also found primary schools opting to hire sworn law enforcement officers has grown faster than that of secondary schools.

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Putting police officers in schools can make a big impact on school safety— if it’s done right!

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Here’s how one schoolteacher takes time each week to look out for the lonely. Learn more: Reader’s Digest