A seventh-grader was hospitalized Tuesday after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound at an Ohio middle school. Read the article on USA Today.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg needed little time to reflect on the shooting rampage he survived on lockdown in a classroom with other terrified students Wednesday. Read the article on ABC.

Domestic terrorism is no longer limited to firearms, according to U.S. Secret Service employee Lois Blevins, so society must know how to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an active assailant. Read the article: Howard safety organization teaches community response to active assailant

Four years ago, 20 elementary school students and six teachers died as a result of a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Read the article: Sandy Hook’s impact on school safety procedures in Central Virginia

Six people were killed Monday when a Chattanooga school bus with 35 young children aboard crashed, turned on its side and wrapped around a tree, according to the district attorney. Read the article: Official: 6 dead in Chattanooga elementary school bus crash

While the rest of the country gives thanks Thursday, six Chattanooga families are grieving the absence of a child from their table. Read the article: Chattanooga bus crash: 6 children dead; Titans to help victims’ families

panel of state leaders has called upon Delaware to invest more in resource officers and other programs to halt violence in schools at a time when education advocates argue schools have never been safer. Read the article: After Howard death, panel calls for more school officers

The cloud-based school safety system directly connects first responders with Newtown Public Schools’ critical safety information.

Read more: Newtown Schools Implement NaviGate Prepared Cloud-Based Safety System

When a crisis strikes a community and schools go on lockdown it’s probably every parent’s worst nightmare. Parental instincts instruct parents to call schools and ensure their children are safe, but what some parents may not realize is that doing so could potentially put their children in more danger, said Jeff Perry, superintendent of Wythe County Public Schools. Read the article: Lockdown advice for Wythe parents

Atlanta Public Schools now has its own police force. A new chief of police and 67 officers were sworn in Thursday night at the Center for Learning & Leadership. Read the article: Atlanta Public Schools Swears In New Police Force