Two West Fargo schools go into lockdown and discuss lockdown procedures for different threat levels. Read the article: School Lockdowns: Different Levels, Different Notification Protocols.

Noticing something out of the ordinary at one of her bus stops, this driver saved the life of a student’s father.

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An FBI report confirms that the incidence of mass shootings has been on the rise over the last decade, in workplaces and schools underscoring the need for prevention.

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Schools conduct intruder training with local first responders, staff, and students.

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School districts consider “bold changes” to protect students and staff.

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Missouri school sends delegation of school officials and law enforcement to Columbine to learn how to better prevent and prepare for emergencies.

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Schools hire School Resource Officers to teach safety, build relationships, and better protect students in an emergency.

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In Virginia, public schools receive state level support for safety upgrades.

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The South Carolina Safety Task Force reports its recommendations.

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