Parents for Safe Schools

How to Get Involved with School Safety

The State of School Safety Report for 2018 showed a lack of communication and understanding about school safety. Parents are concerned about an active shooter or intruder in the school—as well as bullying incidents—yet many don’t know what’s being done to prevent these threats, or who is accountable for safety at school.

The more you get involved, the more you will know about safety teams, drills, and resources. Communication helps bring to light vulnerabilities, identify solutions, expedite implementation of safety initiatives, and reduce anxiety associated with lack of knowledge.

The Parents for Safe Schools program offers flexible options, whether you seek to learn more, to get more involved, or to lead safety initiatives.

School safety isn’t one person’s responsibility, it is the responsibility of every school community member. As parents and caregivers, we should have a seat at the table and play an active present role in ensuring the safety of our students.


Learn more about school safety so you can be more informed when it comes to your school and home conversations.


If you want to help start discussions about safety, we have ideas on how to get involved at your school.


Spread the mission of Safe and Sound Schools while advocating, educating, and raising funds by joining our Parent Council.

Remember, progress happens continually and one step at a time. We welcome caregivers and parents to be part of this important process, and to help make our schools safe and sound.

Do you have ideas or questions about how parents can get involved?