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When you think of the word sponsor, what does it mean to you? In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, there are three different definitions for the word.

Now think of the word love. How would you define it? According to the dictionary, love is defined as:

As we near the end of #LoveSafety month, there is no better time to express our love for our sponsors. It is with their help that we are able to spread the word about school safety. But before we give them a big thank you, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

When Alissa and I founded Safe and Sound Schools, we didn’t know who would be there to support us. We didn’t know who would “take the responsibility” of helping us to spread the word about school safety.  All we knew is that we couldn’t give up on our kids.

In Joey and Emilie’s memory, we made it our goal improve the safety of our schools to ensure all students and teachers feel safe in their school community.

One year and six months after we launched Safe and Sound Schools, we met Navigate360, a company using technology to assist K-12 schools in emergency preparedness and safety. During the 2014 America’s Safe Schools Week, ASSA ABLOY , a leading provider of door safety and security solutions, joined our family. In July 2015, the nation’s leading provider of visitor management software for K-12 schools, Raptor Technologies, united with us in our mission to keep students safe.  Last year, in July 2016, we were fortunate to start a relationship with Status Solutions and in November 2016, H&H Medical Corporation also joined our family.

Each company/organization understood us, our loss, and our mission. There was “an affection based on benevolence and admiration that we had for each other.” They knew the work that needed to be done to ensure that no parent, family or community has to go through what we went through.  In their own way, they each “assumed the responsibility” of keeping us safe by keeping our students and schools safe.

Their sponsorship and support has played a huge role in our ability to continue our mission. This is why we hope that you help us show some #SponsorLove to them every day. They make the work that we do possible. We hope that as our organization grows with more resources and programs, we find sponsors (or donors) like you committed to empowering communities about rethinking school safety.

Michele Gay

P.S. To learn more about becoming a sponsor and being part of our Safe and Sound family, click here.


Love. There are so many kinds of love. There’s the romantic love we might feel…